These multi-day events are held each semester, bring leading practitioners, artists, and theorists whose work embodies the junction of creativity and research practices involving media and technology.

They will involve multiple lectures, performances, workshops, and other events.

For info, or to propose a guest lecturer/performer, contact CRC Director Anthony Stagliano: staglian at nmsu dot edu


spring 2017 series events:

April 14 and 15: Dr. Thomas Stanley and Mind over Matter Music Over Mind (MOM²)

As the inaugural event in our Creative Research Series and our Anti-Oppression Media Clinic, the Creative Research Center is proud to present Dr. Thomas Stanley and the group Mind Over Matter, Music Over Mind (MOM²), featuring Stanley, Luke Stewart and Bobby Hill on April 14 and April 15, 2017. 

Dr. Thomas Stanley (a/k/a Bushmeat Sound) is a scholar, artist, author, and activist deeply committed to audio culture in the service of personal growth and social change. The author of The Execution of Sun Ra and co-author of an oral history of George Clinton and P-Funk, Dr. Stanley also performs with a variety of groups, and has come to view his artistic contributions as macrotemporal interventions (rends in the fabric of history). He has written and lectured extensively on emerging musical cultures. As an artist, performer, and curator, Stanley has been an integral part of a burgeoning experimental music scene along the Baltimore-Washington corridor. His work attempts to exploit the capacity of sound and music for anchoring, framing and energizing our subjective experience of macrotemporal texture (history). Currently, within the trio Mind Over Matter Music Over Mind he constructs and deploys sampled and electronically generated music. He is also featured in Stranger, a documentary film about seminal P-Funk and Talking Heads keyboardist Bernie Worrell. 

MIND OVER MATTER MUSIC OVER MIND or MOM² is an intrepid trio of improvising musicians who have been liberating zones of sonic sedition since 2004. Composed of Bobby Hill on record players, Luke Stewart on bass and sequencer and Stanley on electronics and effects, MOM² offers neuroleptic enhancements to modern life through a unique performance experience that defies description or repetition.

These events are co-sponsored by Interdisciplinary Studies and Black Programs

April 14 5:00 PM in HSS Auditorium: 

Dr Thomas Stanley On The Imperative of Alter-Destiny

In his lecture/performance, Dr. Stanley will share with us his theory of Alter-Destiny, drawn from his work with the Sun Ra Arkestra, and his research into Sun Ra’s music, life, and theory. 

Dr. Stanley describes the imperative of Alter-Destiny in this way:

“The non-musical residue of Sun Ra’s life is a noxious, fluffy speck of toxic, life-renewing co(s)mic lint – once activated, a particle of deceptive potency. Sun Ra made us laugh at and with him to make his point, to remind us that having ended the world, our journey was really just preparing to begin, and this, for a young species that is understandably a little insecure about its sense of historical progression, is laughable in the extreme. In that spirit, if the Execution of Sun Ra makes you laugh or seems a tale that can only be taken with a kilo of salt, then I have achieved a mode of communication that is appropriate to my task.

“But I believe that as you read this tale of mercy and madness you will, like I, begin to hunger for the release of our Alter Destiny. You will sense the reinvigoration of your natural spirit as you drape your imagination across the template of possibility offered by Sun Ra’s bold and timely intervention. You will thirst for the horizons of brother and sisterhood made possible by a resetting of this dog-eared battle that has passed for civilization over these last few thousand years. You will understand that you hold in your hand the fulfillment of religion’s promise to reboot the cosmic motherboard and give us a second roll of the dice only, without the religion. And you will begin, I think, to appreciate the practical beauty of an imminent eschatology that does not require waiting on angels. The Angel already came. He had an orange beard. The Angel has left the building.”

As part of our Anti-Oppression Media Clinic Dr. Stanley’s talk/performance will model Alter-Destiny for us as a specific sonic union of theory and practice that opens up avenues of expression and being with media and technology that work against oppressive forms, and, more important, work toward alternate paths, alternate futures, and as Dr. Stanley says, alternate destinies. 

April 15 8:00 PM at BLACK BOX THEATER


An evening of sonic exploration with MOM², at the Black Box Theater downtown. MOM² features sound artist, cultural theorist, and sonic futurist Thomas Stanley on electronics, experimentalist and one-man hub of the DC jazz scene Luke Stewart on bass, and Bobby Hill on turntables.


The Black Box Theater 430 N. Main St. Las Cruces NM 88001


MOM² in Action: